Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Donald Duck's Birthday

So in honor of the famed Donald Duck, we went and fed the ducks at a pond in El Dorado Hills with our friends Colleen, Caitlin and her two children Ella & Dean. Oh my goodness did we have a blast! Cooper began shouting "Quack, quack" from the backseat the second we pulled up! Here is Cooper saying hello to Ella:

You like the size of bread my son decided to throw to the ducks? Look how cute the little baby ducks are though!

The ducks were most definitely NOT shy! I actually had to hold Cooper back, because otherwise he would've gone after them.

Actually, here he is chasing them. It's bizarre that they were so friendly when Cooper was also attempting to be"over-friendly". 

I'm pretty sure this was about the only moment Cooper was sitting. Ella was pretty active too, but Cooper showed his boy tendencies of wanting to climb and nearly throw himself into the water. The other reason I love this picture is it shows evidence of what Cooper did with almost half the bread I handed him to throw to the ducks: EAT IT! I would hand him the bread and instruct him to throw it to the ducks, he would take it, consider throwing it, and then shove it in his mouth saying, "Mmmmmm". Fun morning!

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