Saturday, June 5, 2010

Celebrating Richard Scarry's Books!

Today, the well-known author, Richard Scarry, would have turned 91 years old. I'm sure you've read at least one of his books while growing up. My mother-in-law has multiple Richard Scarry books that she kept from when my husband was a child, and he remembers them fondly. So, in honor of Richard Scarry's "birthday", Cooper and I took a walk down to Borders this morning to purchase his first Richard Scarry book. He picked out (yes, he actually did...I laid out at least 5 on the floor, and he chose this one and actually sat down with me to thumb through it) Richard Scarry's Best First Book Ever

The book choice was definitely a hit! We read the first 4-5 pages when we first got home, then continued reading more with Daddy later in the day. What a fun outing that will help commemorate our first year of celebrating our "Cool Summer Days" calendar

If you don't have any Richard Scarry books in your home yet, go check them out! They are very entertaining and a great start to reading. 

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