Sunday, June 6, 2010

Father's Day Gift - Part 2

Here's the finished product! One funny thing before I describe the finished product. I had some girlfriends over the other night, and they asked, how can you post your Father's Day gift on your blog without your husband seeing it? I laughed out loud and informed them that, my husband does not in fact read my blog. Well, MAYBE if I twist his arm, but I have to literally pull it up on the computer for him. So, on the plus side, I can post this without fear of him seeing it beforehand. 

On to the project, remember how following a trip to Lowe's AND Home Depot, I had no such luck finding a metal eye strap (the little handle thingy)? Well...I may now be converted to an Osh girl. While on an errand with a girlfriend, I asked her if we could run in just to check it they might have it. 

I began wandering toward the hardware section to look around, and I apparently had that "deer in the headlights" look, because an employee spotted me from halfway across the store and started walking towards me. Come on ladies, you know exactly what kind of look I'm talking about! We've ALL felt that way at least once in a hardware store. Ha! Anyway, I figured since I hadn't found the item at 2 previous hardware stores, I might as well ask and save myself the headache. Not only did he direct me right to them, he then led me to where the blunt-ended metal screws were, opened the eye strap to be sure they were the correct size, AND showed me where the correct size nuts were as well. 

The link to the original directions did not say to include a nut, and you could probably get away without them, but with them, the handle seemed to be much more secure. He also recommended drilling a hole prior to putting the screws in, whereas the website recommended using a nail to punch a hole. I tried both, and the website was absolutely correct when it came to this. Use a nail to punch a hole. The drill just sort of spun around a bit, whereas the nail punches through quite easily.

Upon returning home, I had to wait until the hubby was distracted by video games to work on the project seeing as it was a Saturday (did I have to wait long? If you know my husband, you'll know that no, I did not in fact have to wait long). Cooper and I "set up shop" in the backyard. He was very excited at the prospect of helping mommy hammer (with his hammer of course, not the heavy duty one). 

Here he is trying to figure out a way to "steal" the real hammer from mommy (above). 
And below, he gave in and agreed to hammer with his own, wooden hammer.

Finally, the last thing I'll share, because the website didn't show any pictures of this part, and I was a bit timid about attempting it. To "wire" the two boxes together, really all I did was punch holes in the bottom of the top Altoids box, and punch matching holes in the top of the bottom Altoids box. Now, that's not confusing at all, huh? Well, then I used the 20gauge bead wire (which I already had from a previous crafty endeavor), threaded it through both holes on one side, and back down through both holes on the other side. Then, I twisted them together and cut them short. I may add a bead of hot glue so that it's not pokey, but at least it holds them together. Here are some pics if you're interested in doing it yourself. I made one 3 tins high for Grandpa, and 2 tins high for Daddy. You know, family hierarchy and all. hehe

This is a picture of the inside tin of the middle of the 3 tiered "tool box", so it shows both wired in at the top, and in the bottom. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot them my way. Otherwise, happy crafting, whether it's this, or an adorable little tie card or something. Have fun!

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