Monday, June 7, 2010

Morning at the Park

Once again, no fancy holidays or anything, this morning, Cooper and I drove over to Olympus Park in Roseville to meet some of the moms from MOPS at Bayside church. It's amazing how the simplest of things excite Cooper, if presented in the proper manner. If you've never heard of MOPS, and you have a preschooler, you should definitely check it out! It stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. I'm sure you will hear much more out of me regarding MOPS in the near future, but for now...the link to the MOPS website will have to suffice.

Some people are beginning to feel overwhelmed by the summer heat, and I'll admit...part of me is wondering how I will handle 3 whole months of this with a son who wishes he could LIVE outside, but...most of me is reveling in the sunshine! We had a blast at the park! Cooper was himself, the moment he set foot on park grounds, take a look:

He also quite enjoyed a ride on the dinosaur.
Here are some of his adorable friends he got to play with today.

Cecelia - Simply adorable!                                              Che - Sorry Lisa, he is FAR cuter                
                                                                                                                                than this!

 McKenzie and Ethan - Playing in the sand

Addy - So photogenic and sweet!

And Coop again....being his cool self!


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