Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tip for Packing

We were supposed to attend a River Cats game today for our Cool Summer Days calendar (our local baseball team), however…after a crazy busy weekend, and the fact that we are to hit the road tomorrow morning, with our household traveling to 4 different places. Talk about a mom’s packing nightmare.

Here’s the scenario…(if you want to skip to the tip, scroll down to the EEK!) =)

**FANTASTIC husband is surprising me with an anniversary get away to an unknown location (on the coast somewhere) for 2 days.

**Cooper is staying with Grandma & Grandpa, and Grammy & Papa are driving up to watch Allie. Our reasoning was, we had no idea how Allie would do away from me. I mean, the girl is only 3 months old!! She could be quite a handful. So, splitting up the kids seemed like a good idea.

**After our trip to the coast, we are meeting Grammy & Papa down south for an LA vacation.

So…what does this mean for mom? I must pack…

**For myself to travel to the coast and to LA for a week.

**For my son, to travel to Grandma & Grandpa’s, then LA.

**For my daughter, clothes for Grammy & Papa, then to travel to LA.


Here was my solution. A bit over the top, I admit, but it worked!IMG_5101 I put each outfit in a ziplock and labeled it for the day. That way, I didn’t forget the proper amount of clothes, and it helped in knowing what would be appropriate for the given weather. The weather in our town vs. LA was different. Lastly, not that my parents need help in this area, but…I was assured he’d look cute! Set outfits, ready to go! Oh, and last but CERTAINLY not least!!! I had ziplocks ready for use. You know, damp or dirty clothes, or in my case…infant poop blow outs! Niiice!IMG_5100 Don’t forget extras! Seriously…a 2 year old boy? You THINK he’s gonna dirty some clothes? You bet! The packing turned out perfectly. He wore everything but one outfit. And of course, in a cute little suitcase just for him (toothbrush & toothpaste went in the top pouch):IMG_5106 I did the same for Allie and threw it in a Tinkerbell bag. I also had Cooper’s outfits for his overnight stay with Grandma and Grandpa in a separate bag. All the other gear was set out ready to go for Grammy and Papa to load the car. How blessed am I that they would be willing to drive both my children down to LA?! God blessed them in return, the trip went quite smoothly.

June 12th, 2010 (when we did actually celebrate the invention of baseball)

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