Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day

IMG_5293I barely pulled off a “fancy” Father’s Day this year. We drove back from LA the night before and didn’t get in until 3am. However, between a little pre-planning, and my mom’s help setting the table before she left the house, we have….SUCCESS! Well, look at those 3 happy face up above. I gave in to ye ol’ tie theme this year. The morning began with these…IMG_5287I used a frosting bottle and squirted the batter onto the griddle. It took a little practice, I will admit. But how fun!

I printed out the infamous free printables including the tie banner floating around the internet (is it just me, or is it challenging to get a good picture of a banner?). father's day banner Here’s what the table looked like:IMG_5271 I bought the teal plates at Target. They’re salad plates and I’d been needing some for awhile anyway. I already had the vase. My mom bought the ribbon at Michael’s and doctored up the cute flower arrangement and Chinese to-go boxes (which we filled with Whoppers and cupcakes for the guests to take home).IMG_5292 I made French Dip Sandwiches (again, I was able to buy the few ingredients needed down in LA so I didn’t have to go shopping after a few hours of sleep the next morning) courtesy of Rachael Ray’s recipe you can find here. I say recipe loosely, super easy and delicious!!IMG_5298

My husband rarely needs anything, and doesn’t desire much (lucky me!!)…so I bought him a pair of workout shorts (which he DID need). Other than that, we enjoyed some family time to celebrate dad’s day. Here’s our happy family…IMG_5299 Ryan’s dad…enjoying his sandwich and loving time with his son!IMG_5300IMG_5310Ryan’s mom bought him a kite, which we failed to fly the day of…we’ll give it a go another day when we’ve had more than, you know, a few hours of sleep. =)IMG_5302 Ryan’s first Father’s Day with a daughter, precious!!IMG_5313

June 19th, 2010

Father’s Day 2010

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