Friday, June 10, 2011

I Hope You Dance…

Oh my…I just surprised myself! I sat down after, well…a rather long day, to post this blog, and almost had to blot my eyes. Am I tearing up? What in the world? I am NOT that type of girl, trust me!!

Our summer activity today was to attend a local Concert at the Park. Cooper and I were both very much looking forward to this outing following our busy day. Let’s see if I can break it down (in hopes it doesn’t end up looking like no big deal, I’m quite sure it won’t):

5:40 – Feed Allie

6:15 – P90X Workout

7:30 – Shower

8:30 – Get family breakfast Get spoiled by a delicious breakfast made by my husband! He has the day off! Glee!IMG_5057 8:50 – Feed Allie again

9:30 – Pack diaper bag for the day. Put son in time out 3 times for misbehaving. Make googly eyes at my daughter. Get Cooper dressed for storytime. Put away laundry that has been piling up on my dresser for 4 days.

10:10 – Out the door for storytime

10:30 – Storytime. LOVE every moment with my son, and get filled up with warm fuzzies when he sings tickle rhymes to his baby sister.

11:25 – Make lunch for Cooper

11:35 – Feed Allie again

12:00 – Make myself lunch!

12:30 – Make my husband lunch (Hmm…I’m noticing a long, drawn out theme here…are you? hehe)

1:00 – Out the door to drop off Cooper at Grandma and Grandpa’s

1:45 – Leave with hubby to go to an eye appointment

2:05 – Feed Allie again

2:30 – *sigh* Find myself COVERED in baby poop. Am thankful that hubby is at least willing to clean up poor Allie while I get my eyes checked. Who knew I needed to carry a change of clothes for myself, not just my infant daughter?!

3:30 – Drag my kicking and screaming husband to Joann’s because my coupon expires tomorrow and the closest one is almost 40 minutes away, and we’re only 15 minutes away!! (actually, hubby was quite sweet in coming)

3:45 – Scratch my head as to why Allie will not sleep and is screaming in the car

4:15 – Pick up Cooper

4:30 – On our way home, STILL scratching our heads as to why poor Allie will not sleep and is still screaming

4:45 – RUN into the house to change clothes because I have a boxing class at 5

4:50 – Nearly break down in tears because my husband and I had our second miscommunication of the day and LEFT OUR DAUGHTER IN THE CAR!!! (it was only like 1 minute, but STILL!!)

4:55 – Recover, head out the door to boxing

5:00 – Pretend to know how to Box

5:50 – Pack a Martha Stewart inspired picnic

    - Spend 20 minutes trying to find clean clothes that fit my post-delivery body since my first outfit of the day is covered in baby poop

    - Pick up my son and swing through the In-N-Out drive through before hitting the Concert in the Park. (Daddy and Allie stayed home due to the nature of our chaotic day!)

7:00 – Arrive at Concert in the Park and completely forget the worries of my day and have an absolute blast with my son!!

We rode the train together with wonderful, loving friends…IMG_5062 Cooper was in heaven running around with all his friends…IMG_5067IMG_5066 IMG_5069 and here comes the part that almost made me tear up. After all our friends had left, I told Cooper we could stay for just one more song. They announced it was a “dancing” song. I knelt down and asked Cooper if he wanted to dance. He responded, “Yes, that’d be good!”

In summing up my blog in my head, the song “I Hope You Dance” came to mind (link inserted in case you really do need a good cry). Cue…life lesson…

Even though today was crazy hectic and less than perfect, I chose to dance, and was blessed because of it! So, my encouragement to you today, is….DANCE!!IMG_5064 9:55 – Receive a phone call from the train conductor saying that he found my wallet on the train.

10:00 – Thank God for my lucky stars and plan on taking my son for a second train ride tomorrow (and pick up my wallet, or pocketbook as the adorable conductor referred to it)

June 10, 2011 (as I reviewed this post from last year, also “one of those days”. Hmm…might it be something to do with 6/10? ;)

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