Friday, June 3, 2011

Toddler Soccer?

But first…National Egg Day…

We celebrated National Egg Day by cooking eggs for breakfast (that’s what was on the Cool Summer Days calendar). Cooper loves to sit on the counter and help me. I used to be terrified having him up there, but he’s done it for so long now, he’s a pro! I’m still careful, but not terrified anymore. We took this picture to “commemorate” National Egg Day…and it’s humbling to say the least!

This is 2011 (post having baby#2)….IMG_4900 And here’s 2010 (in the middle of P90X)…

Granted, I also have much less time to get ready in the morning (and less sleep…and I’m a year older, what?!), but still…I’m looking forward to P90X results again here soon! =)

Link to Cool Summer Days last year: June 3rd, 2010

Toddler Soccer…

IMG_4904Today was Cooper’s last “soccer” class (Pre-K Kickers was the official title). It was once a week for 4 weeks for ages 2 1/2 through 5 year olds. We signed up for it through our city sports and rec. I was VERY hesitant, but my neighbor had done it with her son, and said it was organized quite well. Man was she right!  “Coach Joe” was amazing (and incredibly patient!)! Click here to see his website. The drills he used taught my son many useful skills in the areas of listening, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, respect, working as a team, being helpful, and concentration. Who would’ve thought a 2 year old could learn so much in all these areas?

Essentially, he ran an hours worth of drills that consisted of the following (many of which began at the start of a whistle):

  • Red light, green light style running
  • Walking backwards
  • Running and jumping over a target
  • Walking on their hands and feet (no knees)
  • Walking and skipping sideways
  • Running to specific colored hoops
  • Tossing the soccer ball up and down and catching it
  • Dribbling the soccer ball
  • Kicking the ball into the goal
  • Circling the ball around their feet
  • Holding the ball with one hand, balancing on one foot
  • And most of the kid’s favorite…an obstacle course that consisted of walking/running/hopping through the colored hoops, going over and under ropes, going up and down a step, and jumping over mini cones.

IMG_4905What fascinated me most throughout this experience was how much improvement I saw in just 4 weeks! The first week, Cooper wouldn’t do anything without a family member right near his side! He had a difficult time listening to Coach Joe. The second week, we walked in the gym and he asked, “Where’s Coach Joe?” He had a favorite Coach already! The third week, he did a lot by himself and occasionally asked for dad on the field. And this week, I mostly stood off to the side, and he listened quite well. IMG_4908Melts my heart…Cooper’s first “Coach”. =)

Life Lesson?

Our kids can learn much more, and much earlier on that we sometimes think. So don’t hesitate to enroll them in some type of class and sit back and watch their character and skills grow! Just don’t over-do it and enroll them in too much so they get to the point where they don’t enjoy it. What types of classes have you enjoyed with your kids?

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