Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dog Treat Scavenger Hunt

I found this fun idea to hide dog treats in your backyard and create a “scavenger hunt” for your dog! So, Cooper and I put on our “poo boots”* and headed out to hide said dog treats. Cooper was very specific about where he put the treats, adorable!IMG_5076 IMG_5078 IMG_5080IMG_5079

*Poo boots: Boots that are reserved for tromping around in our backyard in case we should run into Pele’s yard bombs. =)

Pele saw us get out the treats, so he was ready to search!IMG_5075 He didn’t really get the hang of it at first, so Cooper showed him the ropes!IMG_5086 IMG_5087





He eventually found 3 by himself!

Things to know if you’re considering doing this yourself:

A: We sat down to make a map of where we were going to hide them, it helped get us started, but Cooper’s not quite old enough yet.

B: Be sure you choose treats that are okay for your dog to have many of. So far so good, but as we got going, I grabbed the package and read, “6 in one day”. Oops, we went about 4 over! Fingers crossed it’ll be okay. =)

Definitely a fun activity that will be repeated!IMG_5083 June 11, 2010

Oh yes, and our follow up trip to the train from yesterday ended up being a fun treat! Man am I thankful for the conductor who kept my wallet I had left behind! He even took a fun picture of us riding the train…AND we saw peacocks up close and personal, courtesy of the Folsom Zoo.IMG_5074IMG_5070








June 11th, 2010

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