Monday, June 6, 2011

National Yo-Yo Day

Obviously Cooper is a bit young, but I found a yo-yo that has an automatic retract built in. So to a certain extent, it rolls back up partially on its own after you let it drop. If anything, he learned the names of some of his fingers (i.e. pointer, middle, ring, pinky, thumb) – hopefully to be repeated in an appropriate fashion seeing as the yo-yo is placed on the middle finger.

Here he is playing with his brand new yo-yo.IMG_5026  IMG_5027 I let him stand on a chair because the string length was so long. I have since then discovered that you’re supposed to hold the yo-yo at your waist and cut the string to fit your height. Hmm…learned something new! I was a little disappointed I didn’t just purchase a regular yo-yo. With the retractable yo-yo, you’re limited in tricks that you can attempt. But…who am I kidding? I’m not gonna have time or motivation to figure out how to use a yo-yo anyhow in my current stage of life. Oh well! For now, I’ll occasionally enjoy the distraction of playing with a yo-yo now and again.

Happy Yo-Yo Day!

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