Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thanking Your Bread Winner

I had a horrible brilliant idea this afternoon! My poor hubby didn’t get to see our son last night, and had a meeting scheduled downtown tonight, ergo…he would not be seeing him again. On the menu for tonight was Spicy Sweet and Sour Chicken. This was the precious idea I schemed:IMG_4834Chinese Takeout - label Chinese Takeout - round labels

Before I explained how this horrible brilliant idea was schemed, let me point out some thoughts I had in ways to use these fun labels! Why not put them to good use?

1. Print them out and bring your breadwinner actual takeout Chinese food to the office (skip the homemade meal step).

2. Tuck the baggie of fortune cookies in your breadwinner’s lunch for work.

3. Use them to thank someone in a financial position for a large organization. i.e. someone who had led a fundraiser

If you have more ideas, please share!

Now, the explanation…I’m so thankful for all the hard work my husband does for my family and I, and will forever be grateful at the opportunity to be a “stay at home” mom. How infrequently do we share this with our breadwinners? I inadequately assessed our day, so very wrongly thinking how precious it would be to bring dinner to my husband, the father of my children, and allow him even 5 minutes with his kids before he had to head off to a terribly boring meeting. Riiight!

Here’s how my “plan” went down. It started off quite well, actually. During naps, I made dinner and the cute labels, as well as noted that I needed to run errands to pick up fortune cookies (otherwise the labels would be pointless) and perhaps cute little Chinese takeaway boxes. I even called Michael’s to be sure they carried them!

My first mistake was I waited until 4:30 to wake up my daughter to feed her. I ignored the hoard of neighbors standing outside, staring at the thunder clouds forming and Hopped in the car with food and labels in tow, ready to transfer to the cute containers. We made it in and out of the grocery to get fortune cookies with no hang ups. Then, to Michaels. I literally got one foot away from the car when hail began pelting us. Here’s my dilemma, do I get back in the car and wait for the hail to stop, knowing I only have a half an hour to get dinner to my husband? OR…do I schlep my two kids through the pelting hail to the safety of Michaels and earn the Mother of the Year award in the process. Yup, I schlep it with my kids. Cooper even started crying! Way to go, mom! Then, I come to find out that the “cute” containers Michael’s carries? Not worthy of food! Oh well, I’m already here and we need to wait out the hail anyway. I get in line and suppress my rage at the 3 people in front of me with 20 items each in their cart that don’t offer to let me go in front of them with my 2 items and 2 children and check out. I glance at my watch and think, this may be doable!

Essentially, I threw dinner out the window at my husband so that he had enough time to make it to his meeting. He indulged me in a picture before gracing us all with quick kisses. =)IMG_4832Was it worth it? Absolutely! While my husband walked away scratching his head at my bizarre reasoning, he felt loved and Cooper and I made memories. Here we are waiting for daddy in the car…IMG_4830A few more pictures of our cute creations…IMG_4836IMG_4835 Life Lessons learned?

#1: Let your loved ones know they’re loved!

#2: Don’t let a little hail ruin your day!

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