Saturday, July 10, 2010

“Teddy Bear’s Picnic Day”

IMG_2158 So I must admit….I was very reluctant to do this today with the heat and all. It’s almost 100 degrees and I wasn’t feeling like having a picnic outside. But, Cooper was very excited about his surprise today and when he woke up from his nap, he kept saying, “Picnic, picnic!” And I’m SO glad he was persistent! Cuteness is all I have to say.

We gathered the necessary materials to make a modest picnic (and I do mean we…Cooper got teddy bear, monkey and Elmo and was waiting at the back door). I got a blanket, his tea set, and some snack foods. We set up our picnic and it was adorable watching Cooper play “host”. He allowed snacks to be placed on everyone’s plate and made sure their tea remained full at all times. Exhibit A:IMG_2155 What a little gentleman! We had an excellent little picnic together, Cooper, monkey, Elmo, teddy and I. So precious!IMG_2157IMG_2159 IMG_2147

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