Tuesday, July 6, 2010

National Postcard Day

IMG_1977 We’re back into our Cool Summer Days calendar following about a week break. I finished putting together July’s activities and am ready to roll again! Today is National Postcard Day and I didn’t want to leave Grammy & Papa (my parents) out of the fun, so Cooper and I headed out to purchase and mail postcards to the grandparents. Little did I know it would send us on a goose chase!
We started off at our grocery store, none.
American Postal Center? Nope!
Hallmark…surely they will have ONE postcard, right? Zilch! They said to try Walgreens (and that I was the second person task for a postcard…hmm, anyone who has my calendar perhaps?).
None at Walgreens either. I was about to give up and head home to make my OWN postcard. But, the lady at Walgreens suggested Borders, which Cooper LOVES! So, I gave him a choice…home or book store. It was one of the first times he really truly made a legitimate decision. He said, “Book store!” very enthusiastically. So, off to Borders we went.
IMG_1965 Success! And here he made his second “choice”. He picked out a horse postcard for Papa (by pointing and shouting, “Neigh!”) and a monster postcard for Grammy (by pointing and saying “Monster, Pop!” – which is one of those old school toys where the suction cup sticks to a round piece of plastic attached to a spring? Yeah, his has a monster on it which looks very similar to the postcard above).IMG_1972 We hurried home, Cooper colored them, we hopped in our new wagon and went down to put them in the mailbox. Now we are just awaiting the fun surprise when Grammy & Papa get them in the mail.
What a fun, silly day to learn about postcards! Who knew they’d be so difficult to find?

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