Thursday, July 8, 2010

Blueberry Picking

IMG_2035In honor of Blueberry Month…we went and picked blueberries at Papa Hank’s in the Sierra Nevada foothills just about a half hour away from our house. Our friend hunted them out as being one of the only organic blueberry farms near us and made a reservation for us. While we had a great time…it was quite small and not touristy, which has its benefits. They were very accommodating. We had two little ones with us who were sleeping and needed to eat when we first arrived for our reservation time. They waited while we got situated before taking us out into the field. Here were our two little ones, precious!









The blueberries were $5/lb. (which I felt like I should’ve paid for at least a half pound more because of how many Cooper ate while picking). They also sold blueberry plants which I may have to consider. Here’s Cooper below picking, and eating, and eating, and eating….IMG_2040 IMG_2045    








Here’s Sofie and Ethan, Cooper’s friends we went with.IMG_2073IMG_2058


We will definitely go back again! I think we’ll try going to a place called Patrick’s. It’s larger and accommodates families and children well (at least from what I hear).

A few pointers (at least from what we learned here):

  • Wear close toed shoes – there are thistles.
  • Dress for warm weather! We thought maybe because it was further up in the mountains it may be cooler? We were wrong! It was hot, hot hot!
  • Don’t forget to bring your own buckets.

I think that’s all…we definitely recommend going blueberry picking. Cooper will be talking about it for days.

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