Tuesday, July 13, 2010

“Go West” Day

Before we took off for our “Go West” celebrations…we hit up story time at Karen’s Bakery again! And the animal on display seemed to sort of fit with our theme for the day…SNAKES (well, a gigantic boa constrictor to be exact)! They live in the desert, right? Cooper was fascinated!IMG_2197 “Go West” day seemed to me the perfect excuse to finally get the sheriff’s badge we purchased at the state capitol in Austin engraved with Cooper’s name. Unfortunately, we have to wait a week until we can pick it up, but in the meantime, we found a $3 cowboy hat and also picked out The Cowboy ABC book from the library, to help us get in the mood! More pictures to come after we pick up the official badge. In the picture below, he is preparing to part with his badge for its official inscription. IMG_2201

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