Friday, July 23, 2010

Ice Cream Cone Patented

IMG_2356 The ice cream cone first arrived on the scene back in 1904! Cooper has had one ice cream cone previously, but it was highly monitored by yours truly because we were out where we couldn’t go home for another couple of hours. So it was not the time for large messes.IMG_2353Today, however, was a totally different deal! Can I just say that, being a fan of ice cream cones myself…I’ve been eating them for quite some time (had my first close to 6 months, thanks Dad!), and I’ve forgotten the art of eating an ice cream cone. There is most definitely an art to eating an ice cream cone, that has to be learned! And this being Cooper’s second only, he has NOT learned the art.  Here is learning the art of the lick…IMG_2359Here, Cooper learns that when you don’t lick fast enough, it makes a mess. He literally pointed at it and said, “Mess”.

IMG_2361Then he learned that one can never have enough ice cream. He tried to steal a bite of Daddy’s. Ahh, that’s my son!IMG_2365And finally, he learns that a mess is worthwhile in order to fully enjoy ice cream. He gave in to the mess! And boy did he LOVE his first, very own ice cream cone. I should’ve taken the final picture of having to strip him down to his diaper…and yes, we had to run an errand to Home Depot afterward. I was totally the white trash mom walking through the store with my son in just a diaper. Gotta love it! =) IMG_2379    Life Lesson? – There IS an art to eating an ice cream cone, and it’s definitely worth while to let your kids make a mess.

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