Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday - Sibling Love

I found myself snarling the other day as I played referee between my son and daughter for what felt like the umpteenth time of the day. “Why can’t they simply leave each other alone!!” I shouted in my head.
The next day (mind you, after 2 weeks of Christmas vacation), I spent 3 lovely hours home alone with my daughter. While I had a glorious time playing with her, I may have actually gotten less “done” than I had the day before with both kids home.
Then, LIGHTBULB!Despicable Me - Light Bulb
I thought this image was fitting for a number of reasons.
#1. I love the movie! If you haven’t seen it, you need to.
#2. Sometimes it actually does feel like we’re “in the trenches of motherhood”, recovering from battle after breaking up a sibling rivalry that matches no other.
#3. Click the picture above to watch the You Tube clip. So displays those aha moments and how magical they can be!
Okay…moving right along. My LIGHTBULB moment!
I realized that, while having to stop every 20 minutes or so to stop one sibling from pestering another, they did actually play amicably for 20 SOLID BEAUTIFUL MINUTES in which I was able to maybe, sort of, accomplish something in the adult world. AND, those siblings are LEARNING. Yes, they are learning folks! Learning how to play, share, love another human being. How precious is that!
And it is my responsibility to help them learn.
So…my “thought” today for Thoughtful Thursday is…think on that the next time you have to stop what you’re doing (or pardon yourself from a phone call because you can’t even hear the person on the line due to a screaming child) to intervene between your two (or more) children. =) The LIGHTBULB moment has certainly helped me pause, and not blow up like a crazy person when I do have to stop and intervene for the umpteenth time.
Hope this gives you new energy in your day tomorrow!

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