Friday, November 16, 2012

Time to Decorate–Octonaut Style!

I’ve already posted the invites, costumes, party favors, games & activities, next up is decorations! The first idea I saw and loved was to recreate the Octopod’s 3 large computer screens that make up HQ. I tried taking pictures of them, but they didn’t turn out so well, so here are the digital images I printed out, framed and hung. If you know the show (which we do…oh so well), the screen on the left has undersea images. The right screen is random smaller screens, which I used to my advantage and put pictures from each year of Cooper’s life. The middle screen is where they post the creature reports, which I also used to my advantage. Over-achieving me wrote a creature report song for Cooper, he is the birthday boy after all. I designed it to look like a creature card. Here they are!

Screen #1HQ TV 1

Screen #2HQ TV 3

Screen #3HQ TV 2

Come on, you know you want to try and sing the creature report song using the words above! Go ahead, I’ll wait, just do it! =) Also, here was my attempt at getting a picture of the screens. Bleh!IMG_4663

The next main area was the cake table. I purchased some green Martha Stewart lanterns from Walmart, great price! Other than those, I went off of the invites for color scheme. It ended up being orange, teal and green. Here it is…IMG_4648 auto correct

A closer shot of the overall table…IMG_4654

And a closer shot of the banner, I loved how it turned out…image

Other than that, I had a sign on the back of the front door for guests as they left…Frong Door Banner jpeg

and some balloons. I have two kid-sized tables I made last summer for a PJ’s & Pancakes party that continue to come in handy. That’s where we had all the plastic bins for the sea creature game, and, kids could gather around to eat there afterwards. I had teal tablecloths on those that help bring a splash of color as well.

I think the house looked adorable. I had hoped to do a little more, but when I calculated the guest list that certainly did not total 30 adults and 28 kids, I realized I needed to cut back a little. Hope you enjoyed a little peek into our birthday adventures. Up tomorrow? Food!


  1. I LOVE the screens. My son is having his 4th birthday party (which of course had to be Octonauts themed) in just under a month so I'm looking for some ideas. Thanks for posting. These are great!

  2. Would love to see if you'd share the template for the screens???

  3. I agree, would you please share the template for the screens??

  4. i love the screens too! can you share template?!


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