Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thank You Notes (and a life lesson)

Octonaut Thank You jpeg

Here’s the thank you card I designed for Cooper to send out.


Notice, it’s Cooper’s 4th birthday, and this MAY be the first time I’ve actually sent out thank you notes. I know, shame on me, what a terribly rude person! I’ve felt guilty about it, and have some legitimate excuses (the gifts got opened when I wasn’t around, i.e. didn’t know who gave what, was SO busy and didn’t get around to it, struggled with how to write the thank you note – as if I’m writing it from my son who has no idea what to say, or just write it from myself, the mom?, etc.), but there really is NO excuse.

So, it was my goal this year to get them out!! And, now that Cooper is old enough, he helped me write them. Cue: Life Lesson!

Essentially, I had Cooper dictate what he wanted to write to each guest, and how he wanted to say thank you for each present. What an awesome, amazing lesson for him! He discovered that he was, in fact, truly thankful for each and every gift. Not that he wasn’t thankful for gifts in the past, but it helped him really focus. AND, he realized how many gifts he received (spoiled boy! =), and realized how blessed he is. And again, I’m probably making excuses for myself, but I’m kind of glad I waited until this year. (Eek! Did I just say that out loud?) I think in past years, he truly would not have understood what he was doing. But this year, he actually ENJOYED doing it! I want him to enjoy saying thank you to people, not feel forced to do so. He himself signed each and every one (which was a feat for my little 4 year old, he’s not hand-written-ly gifted =). Here was one of my absolute favorite dictations (I sort of wish I would’ve saved them all…you know, that whole “out of the mouths of babe” factor)…Octonaut Thank You Inside jpeg 

So, take rest if you are one who neglected to get thank you notes out after a party (and don’t judge if you are an on the ball mom who always have them done the night of the party, we all have our weaknesses! Winking smile). But, make it a priority and weave an attitude of thankfulness into your little ones. What a blessing I tell ya! That’s all folks! I’ll do an Octonaut party round up tomorrow, and then I’ll try and post some blogs on everyday stuff.

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