Thursday, November 15, 2012

Peso Needs Your Help!

Invitations – Check!

Costumes – Check!

Party Favors – Check!

Party Day Games and Fun….?

As I have mentioned, it is always my goal to have a fun party for the kids. Adults, sorry if you get left in the dust, but in these circumstances, it really is all about the kids! =)

I had recently attended a farm-themed birthday party where they had a play-sized cardboard barn in the backyard and hidden plastic farm animals all throughout the backyard. It was announced that Old MacDonald had lost his animals and needed help getting them back into the barn! This was my inspiration.

I purchased a set of 18 plastic ocean life sea creatures from Amazon (click picture for link):


After watching an Octonauts episode… IMG_4692

We announced that Peso needed their help! He needed you to gather the lost animals in the front yard, bring them in and match them up to the creature cards attached to the “medical bays” (aka: clear plastic shoe bins), and patch them up with a band-aid (even more exciting because the birthday boy picked out Marvel Comic Heroes band-aids!). We sent them out in pairs and once they found the matching creature card, they were given the following Creature Chart (you can click the picture below to take you to the Disney Junior website’s copy), the stickers for all the creatures we had collectively found, and a sea creature plastic ring.image

Here’s a jpeg of the stickers I sized down to print out on shipping labels, then just cut them out and put them in envelopes for each kid. I taped the envelopes to the back of the creature chart so they were less likely to get lost. Creature Chart Stickers jpeg

Here are two more pictures from the party of our sea creature endeavors. Unfortunately I didn’t actually get pictures of the kids searching, or the table of “medic bays”, I was too busy running the game. IMG_4714

Here are some of the creatures, all bandaged up!IMG_4731

Here’s a sample creature card, like the ones affixed to the “medic bays”. You can also find the creature cards by following the link on the creature chart above. So educational you’d never know I was a teacher in my pre-kid days!


And one last activity I had available were a variety of Octonaut activity pages. I believe if you follow this link, it should take you to the 9 activity sheets. I printed them out on half sheets. Hope some of these ideas help other birthday planners out there! Remember, you can use the same game with different themes!

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  1. This is fantastic! What a great amount of work you put in.

    I couldn't find the creature cards and fear they may have been removed from that location. could you possible email the images to me at


    Thank you in advance



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