Monday, November 19, 2012

MPM–Meal Plannin’ Mondays


I said I had a plan to try and keep up on blogging, and I’ll unroll it this week! Mondays – I’ll share my meal plan for the week (I figured this might help me stick to it as well!). And while I am EVER so thankful, sorry for you guys. I have meals being delivered for the next week and a half or so to help me rest as I get over mono. So, fewer recipes and planning this week. Here goes…

Monday – Dijon Chicken, Rice & Salad

Tuesday – Meal Delivered

Wednesday – Chicken Tortilla Soup & Salad

Thursday – Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes & Cranberry Sauce

Friday – Papa Murphy’s

Saturday – Bacon-wrapped pork loin with cherries & Veggie Side

Sunday – Out to Dinner with friends (or leftovers)

My thought is, I’ll ATTEMPT to snap pictures each night, and next Monday, I’ll post a review of the previous week as well as that week’s planning. We’ll see how this goes! Happy meal planning.

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