Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Faves–Merlin


Kind of a funny, humbling favorite today, but I’m feeling HORRIBLE and wanted to make it short and sweet. AND, it was windy and rainy out today, one of those days where you just want to curl up on the couch and watch tv all day (having mono makes this desire even stronger!). So debuting this favorite seemed fitting. Here’s a TV series (there are 4 seasons, the fifth and final is premiering Jan. 4th, as noted above) you may not have heard of that you could catch on Netflix that would fulfill your all day couch lounging purposes.


It’s on the Syfy channel, my nerdy little secret. I almost HAVE to like Syfy if I’m married to my husband. It’s a BBC original – they have some hidden gems, don’t they? I’ll admit, it has some SUPER cheesy moments (doesn’t ALL syfy? Shh-don’t tell hubby I said that), but overall it has adventure, fun, romance, and the characters are charmingly adorable and you can’t help but love them. Look at the main character below, you can’t help but smile, am I right?


AND, it’s family friendly. I don’t mean family friendly like to sit down and watch with my toddlers, watch a few to determine if the violence factor is appropriate for your family. What I mean is that my husband and I can watch it and not feel like our brains have been filled with scum and filth. You know that feeling I’m talking about! You finish an episode and feel hopeful and lighthearted, whimsical even! =)

There you have it folks! If you’ve been wanting something to fill those nights when you’ve got nothing to watch (keep this in your memory, that time will come in between all your favorite shows), Merlin may be the answer.

I leave you with one more picture, Arthur and Merlin. Yeah, Arthur’s not hard on the eyes. =)

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