Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thoughtful Thursdays - Gratitude

I’m leaving Thursdays a bit up for grabs. I may post something I’m thankful for, something I’ve been pondering, something that’ll get YOU thinking, or something thoughtful that you can do for others. I know, broad, but all along the same lines. I was planning on posting something different, but had a change of plans.
Happy Thanksgiving!
What a great day to begin this string of blog posts, right? I have been focusing on having a grateful heart recently. Man, in our society, it’s easy to take SO much for granted. That was me. I was grateful, sure, but not really, truly, THANKFUL. What a pity! And you know what? When you focus on the many hidden (and not so hidden) blessings of your life, it really is true that you can’t help but see them.
I recently heard a friend say that he was keeping a “Gratitude List”. Writing down all the things he was truly grateful for. I took the challenge and decided I would only write something down if I was in fact, truly grateful for it. I’m adding slowly, because I really want to let my thankfulness sink in. Here’s the beginning of what I came up with…
I’m grateful for…
The sound of rustling pages - because both my children LOVE to read!

My washer and dryer, to help speed up the laundry process. Bless those 3rd world country women!
"Pillow room" - and my children's imagination and love of laughter!
The conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Cooper and Allie get along swell.
An amazing husband.
A supportive group of friends.
My son's broad vocabulary, at such a young age!
My husband brings me delicious coffee.
Grammy & Papa are willing to drive far and often to see us.
I have in door plumbing. 'Nuff said!
Like I said, I’m really letting each one sink in. Not just writing it down because I know it’s something I should be thankful for. This gratefulness list did begin to change my heart. THIS Thanksgiving, I really have felt an outpouring of love for all the people that are blessings in my life. It led me to sit down and write each of my Facebook friends a “thank you” letter of sorts. Each of them has made an impact in my life, and for that, I am thankful.

I began writing them, and got through 60 and this was the message the popped up from Facebook:

That is probably true. Facebook probably did not intend for you to message ALL of your FB friends at once, with a sweet message. Ironic, right? Facebook stopping me from getting in contact with my friends? I had to giggle. Anyway, I get to take a break from these fun messages to go share Thanksgiving festivities with family. I’ll leave you with a challenge…
Start a gratitude list of your own. And remember, don’t write it down if it’s not something you’re truly thankful for. It will change your heart, for the good. You will feel full, blessed, loved. You may have a rough start, but it will be a life-changing activity!
Again, Happy Thanksgiving….be thankful! I am truly thankful for the gift of family…IMG_7837

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