Thursday, July 14, 2011

PJ’s & Pancakes

PJ's and Pancakes Banner What a great idea for a play date! I decided to make a “mini-party” of it, and here’s what came out of it…IMG_5672These kid-sized tables were the first success of the event! I got some scrap wood from Home Depot (actually got out for free, maybe they were sick of me, who knows). Anyhow, I had them cut the two “table parts” and then 5 legs per table, 18” high. I put one in the center to keep it sturdy. Threw some fabric over to match the event (cheap at Walmart). The plates are reusable, also cheap at Walmart – 4 for $1 I believe! And a placemat in the middle for a pop of color.IMG_5674 Success #2? Mason jar sippy cups. I just printed out these cute little labels, covered them with packing tape, and slipped them in instead of the metal lid. Punch a hole for the straw and you’re good to go! Less spills = a happy mom.IMG_5676 Small tip? Don’t throw a PJ’s and Pancakes party without coffee for the moms! =) And hot chocolate for the kids (or those crazy non-coffee moms out there, WHAT?!).IMG_5725 Success #3? Cereal necklaces! I made a sample for the kids and honestly thought my child would not for one minute sit down to string fruit loops. Boy was I wrong! He strung an entire necklace and was entertained for quite awhile! Precious!IMG_5692 Success #4? Friends, of course! Everyone had a blast! We made regular pancakes with a variety of syrups as an option, as well as cinnamon pancakes, which were also a little party favor to take home.   Barb and Nathan  Faith and ElleeIMG_5694IMG_5688 IMG_5695 IMG_5684IMG_5698 IMG_5702 IMG_5705IMG_5709 IMG_5689

Success #4? Well, it should’ve been a success. I had the book If You Give a Pig a Pancake to read. We had too much fun eating pancakes though. Oh well. Cooper and I enjoy the book on a regular basis. IMG_5727 And lastly, delicious party favors which read…

Sweet as syrup and nice as can be…

Thanks for sharing pancakes with me! IMG_5669 Here was the recipe attached. We had to tweak it a bit, required far more milk, but they were still quite tasty!

Cinnamon Pancakes

3 c. flour

5 tsp. cinnamon

2 1/4 T white sugar

2 T baking powder

1 1/4 tsp. salt

Directions: Combine dry ingredients. (which were sent home as favors – the above recipe makes 3 batches) Combine 1 cup milk (more like 1 3/4), 1 egg, 2 T vegetable oil. Whisk in 1 1/3 c. prepared dry pancake mix until moistened. Bake pancakes!

Helpful hint? To keep pancakes warm, use a sheet of aluminum foil, pile pancakes and keep in a 200 degree oven for up to 20 minutes. Feel free to brush a little butter to each side before layering. =)

If you decide to throw a PJ’s & Pancakes party, you will NOT be disappointed. So fun!

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