Friday, July 29, 2011

Dinner Delivery!

I’m getting better and better at delivering dinner for friends who have just had babies. Having received them myself, I know what a tremendous blessing they are! A few things I appreciated that were not necessary, but were FANTASTIC were…

#1. Something for the older sibling to eat. Let’s face it, while your casserole is divine, chances are, my 2 1/2 year old is not going to eat it and I will have to end up cooking for him anyway. So, included in my friends’ dinner delivery was mac ‘n cheese for her two boys:IMG_5867 #2. Include drinks! Again, totally not necessary, but certainly a fun treat. A friend of mine brought sparkling lemonade that was divine. This day, we chose to go the beer route for the dad. C’mon, they need deserve it, right?IMG_5869 #3. Include recipes. I received many dinners that were delicious and wanted to make them again! If you include the recipe, neither of you will have to hassle sending/obtaining said recipe. I know, may be a bit presumptuous, but fun nevertheless:IMG_5872 #4. Include enough for leftovers. Again, not necessary, but seriously, you’re already making enough for an army, right? ‘Cuz you’re gonna feed your own family as well (plus, you’re bringing dinner to a nursing mom! Who knows, she may gobble up the leftovers that night at midnight!) It will be appreciated. IMG_5873 #5. Just for fun, I included a “Distraction Kit” for the older siblings, so hopefully this new mom of 3 could have a peaceful moment. I included silly glasses, fun stickers, bubbles, and a few cheapy toys. IMG_5875 Again, these things are all above and beyond, please feel NO pressure if you’re delivering dinner to a friend. Know that the dinner itself is a Godsend. Even if it’s pizza! It’s a night where she doesn’t have to cook or do dishes. Hooray! But, if you haven’t done it before, consider it, it is a true blessing. =)

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