Monday, July 25, 2011

Enjoying Home

IMG_5819 This is my second summer “celebrating” Cool Summer Days. Last summer, my conclusion was, this is a great idea because it does get you out trying new things, having a blast, and creating precious memories with your kids. However, with that being said, it can also drive you a little batty if you feel the need to stick to your schedule. Especially with a “new” baby (okay, so she’s 4 months now, that’s still new alright!? hehe), grant yourself some relax at home time.

I love that my son plays with his toys. We often have people come over and comment on how many toys we have (thankfully, most of which I haven’t had to purchase, thank you grandparents!). I keep reviewing them, trying to determine what we could get rid of that Cooper doesn’t play with. Thankfully? He really does play with nearly all of them! Wow! What a creative, fun, playful little fellow!

Grammy & Papa just recently bought him a little outdoor grill. And Cooper does just love it! After feeling like Cooper needed a little one-on-one mom time, we headed out to the backyard after sweet sister went down for a nap to just hang. He cooked me a hot dog, a cupcake, and was just the sweetest thing ever. I love that my son now tells me that he loves me back. Melts my heart! Even remembered to wash his “chicken hands”, as mommy calls hers in the kitchen. heheIMG_5821

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