Saturday, July 16, 2011

Steam engine rides

Museum memberships…are they worth it? Depends! Best way to figure it out? Do the math to see how many times you’d have to go before it pays for itself. If you’ll actually GO that many times, it’s worth it.

For us, the membership at the Sacramento Railroad Museum is ABSOLUTELY worth every penny! We’ve been at least 5 times since I purchased it, brought friends, and now…we’ve even made use of the free steam engine rides during the summer.

Look at his wonder as he watches out the window…IMG_5761 And my other two sweets…hubby and Allie.IMG_5764 And me with my two loves!IMG_5770 Ahh…friends!IMG_5775And to make the “day trip” bearable for hubby? Lunch out at Joe’s Crab Shack. Mmm, mmm good!IMG_5780  The origin behind today’s “celebration” was the first steam engine ride. Quite a success I’d say!

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