Thursday, July 28, 2011

The swing

Simple, adorable thing I HAD to share. While at the park when Cooper was little, my good friends shared the fun “share the swing” trick with me. You know the little bucket swings that have little holes for your kids legs? Well, my friends would put their little ones back to back in the swing, genius! That way, even if your little one is a little young to be in all by him/herself, they can share with their older sibling….exhibit A:IMG_5864 Oh my goodness! How sweet! Overall, Cooper LOVED sharing the swing with his sister. After awhile, he wanted it back to himself, but for awhile, he was quite proud being the big brother. And Allie simply adored it! Giggles all around. Here’s another snapshot to help you visualize. Sweetness!IMG_5863 I just want to gobble up those chubby little thighs! Scrumptious! =)

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