Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July: Part 2 - Explosives for the Guys

IMG_5542 So I already posted on the “crafty” side of our 4th of July, now it’s time to highlight my husband’s mad skillz in the explosives side! ;) We asked each guest to bring a firework…here’s our final stash! Holy moly! Look at the guys admiring… IMG_5456clip_image002We started out with sparklers, the snaps, and smoke bombs. (which wasn’t scary at all with 10 toddlers running around!) The kids were amazed with just these! We started around 8:15, which is early for our area when it doesn’t get dark until nearly 9, but with the kids, it worked great! Here are some of us coordinating throwing our “snaps” at the same time…July 4th 2011 073Oooing and ahhhing at smoke bombs…Smoke BombsHere’s a picture of Cooper getting his first “lesson”…IMG_5503We brought out a bucket with sand in it for the kids to stick their sparklers in once they went out. Then, the men brought out the BIG fireworks. Overall, the kids LOVED them!

Here are some shots of our guests enjoying the show…Frings Familyclip_image002[5] IMG_5509 IMG_5514 Lots of kids covered there ears throughout the evening. The picture below was one of my favorite shots of the evening..precious!IMG_5519 Here’s me watching with my two bundles of joy…IMG_5520Such all-American fun captured in this shot…July 4th 2011 089  I love this one of my husband and my dad admiring their handiwork…IMG_5530 My Life Lesson for this post (that I will CONSTANTLY be learning), is sit back and enjoy life! This party turned out pretty fantastic if I do say so myself, and I loved every minute of planning! HOWEVER, my ultimate goal with each shindig I throw, is that my guests would have FUN and that they would feel relaxed and at home. I think that shows in these pictures…Kick back and enjoy the show Family FunTo all you fellow party throwers…make sure you’re having fun  (and your guests)! If you’re not, it’s NOT worth it! No matter how gorgeous your party looks. =)

With that said…happy party-ing! I find it truly enjoyable and fulfilling.

July 4th, 2010

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