Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trick of the Trade–Storing Trinkets


trick of the trade #28:

storing trinkets

Storing Trinkets

This post relates to my party favor post here. I have these lovely storage bins I got on the cheaps at Costco, similar to the Expedit shelving units at Ikea! I promptly decided what would go into each bin and labeled them, with tiny pictures at the bottom so my kids remember what goes where. One of them I decided to label “Trinkets”. And since then, these little “treasures” have been far less annoying.

You know those little “treasures” I’m talking about. Your kids may have picked one up at the dentist’s office, or received them as party favors, Christmas or Halloween parties at school, probably some of your stocking stuffers (at least mine are for sure!). Here they are…What a load of...

Those toys that have no…well, place, or label they belong to. Before my little “trinket” box, I would begin to pick up around the house, I would grab these mindlessly and stand there thinking, “Where in the world?” Now…I know exactly where they go. It makes clean up waaay easier! And, these “treasures” are no longer the bane of my existence. So, bring it on party favors! =) Ready for a quick game of I Spy? Can you find these 5 items:

Slinky, Jacob’s Ladder, a broken purple Easter egg, Angels sundae hat, and a Sophie the giraffe teething toy (that’s no longer needed for teething, i.e. is now a trinket)IMG_5963

So, what are you waiting for? Go collect those “treasures” and create your own trinket bin! It’ll make you smile. And…if you can’t find an item in the trinket bin, just find your daughter’s latest hoarding run. Check her out…hilariousness!IMG_5639


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