Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday - Welcoming Neighbors

Neighbors…what feelings does this conjure up for you?
Kramer from Seinfeld? Quirky, far too comfortable bursting through your front door, yet hilarious and makes you smile?
Ned Flanders from the Simpsons? Always condemning and just ticking you off all the time?
Or do you have totally annoying pot heads who party hardy all the time and keep your baby awake? (yes, New Girl is one of my absolute FAVORITE shows)
OR…did you luck out and get a sweet old, super wise man who talks through all your problems with you, like Wilson from Home Improvement?
OR…did you totally, utterly, and completely luck out and get the sweetest, best friend, always-there-for-you kind of neighbors like Fred & Ethyl Mertz from I Love Lucy?
I had neighbors pretty darn close to Fred & Ethyl, so when they moved recently (thankfully only 5 minutes away), I was bummed, but knew I needed to put my best foot forward with the incoming neighbors. So…here’s what I came up with. I slightly altered the free printable tag I found here.
Tells my poor neighbors right off the bat that I’m super corny, but, why not reveal a little bit about myself from the get go? Yup, those are eclairs packaged up in there and the tag reads, “I declair you welcomed to the neighborhood”. My husband actually rolled his eyes when he saw what I was doing. hehe On the back I included a note that read as follows:Neighbor Letter
So, even if you have a horrifically terrible neighbor like…
Marlyse from Parenthood (yes, another fave of mine), it wouldn’t hurt to welcome them. Everyone needs love now and then. So, even if it’s a bouquet of flowers, or a Starbuck’s card, or a list of your local favorite restaurants, walk on over, knock on your neighbors door, and welcome them.
OR…maybe you’ve been in your house for like FIVE YEARS and still haven’t met them! Do a little something to wish them a Merry Christmas and introduce yourself. It will also teach your kids how to treat others. I had a blast doing this with my kiddos. =) Look at those adorable feet…and smiles. =)IMG_3148
Cooper and eclairs
Oh yes, and here’s my version if you’re up for making eclairs. YUM!I declair picture
Enjoy, and have fun making friends with new (or old) neighbors.


  1. I was searching ways to greet new neighbors and found your post. I love your letter. Thanks for sharing.

    1. So glad that my age old blog could still help somebody out. =) Hope you got some of the friendly new neighbors! hehe


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