Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Faves–Key Chain


I used to have an adorable keychain of my son’s 6 month old professional pictures. But, he just turned 4, and time has taken its toll on the keychain. I wanted to use our most recent family photos to somehow create a new keychain to keep, and this time include BOTH my kiddos. I’d been mulling it over until I came across this adorable keychain in Michaels (they were on an end cap near the frames section):IMG_5778Now you’re probably not caring wondering how I incorporated both my kids, right? That’s only one sweet face right there.IMG_5781 I give you side two! No…unfortunately the keychain wasn’t SO cool to come this way. What I did was purchase two of them, and then used ANOTHER one of today’s Friday faves…image

If you have never been savvy enough to use mounting putty, aka adhesive putty, allow me to introduce you.

My first introduction was probably maybe cheerleading in high school? Did I really just actually admit to being on cheer on the interwebs? Winking smile Then, when I was an RA in college, holy moly did this come in handy hanging posters galore! And finally, most obviously, my teaching career. But, I do still use it periodically. Birthday parties, holiday décor, etc. Basically, it kind of works like you would imagine gum would, but it won’t ruin whatever it use you’re sticking it to. You do have to heat it up to get its sticking power to work. I wasn’t sure it would actually hold the two  keychains together, but so far its held up for almost 3 weeks now ON my set of keys! Yay! Basically, I just heated some up, put it on the back of one keychain, and smashed them together.

And it was a whopping $5 altogether (after coupons of course, they were $3.99 apiece). So, perhaps a Christmas gift for grandparents? Or a spouse? What are you waiting for? Go check out Michaels! They also have really cute initial keychains that are similar, but with a rhinestone initial next to a small square picture frame.

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