Sunday, December 23, 2012

Simple Things Sunday–Making Christmas Happen


This week I’m celebrating and appreciating all the behind the scenes people that make Christmas happen. Like this sweet actor from a Christmas Eve service who took a moment to make my daughter’s attendance just a bit sweeter.

Think about it…there are lots of them. Think about some of the things that help YOU really feel like it’s Christmas.

Perhaps it’s certain foods, maybe a special Christmas eve dish or a Christmas morning breakfast (who makes them for you?).

Or perhaps it’s certain traditions you look forward to…maybe a gingerbread house party (who throws it?), or a special mini-van ride to drive around and look at lights (who does that, or who gave you the idea?), or a special Christmas Eve service (who arranges the performances?).

This last one is the one that caught my attention this weekend. We attend a church who is holding a total of SIX Christmas Eve services this year?! That’s FANTASTIC! But…it’s the same musicians, actors, pastors, etc. that are there for every single one. While it’s a great experience for them, it’s also exhausting. And many of the people helping are simply volunteers. They like to celebrate holidays, too, and yet…they sacrifice a bit to provide an amazing service for the rest of us.

So..take a moment to thank the people in your life who truly help make Christmas, Christmas. =)

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