Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Trick of the Trade Tuesday–Christmas Tree Stand


trick of the trade #26:

Christmas tree stand

IMG_5876 for blog

First off, pardon the very child-like looking tree. My mom always used our memory filled ornaments and that’s a tradition I will always hold and cherish. So, all our ornaments hold some sort of memory. No fancy trees in our house. =)

Now..onto the trick of the trade!

This clever trick came from my mom! She always used a Christmas tree stand to not only make the tree taller (meaning, cheaper!!), but it also created great space underneath the tree to place all your presents. Brilliant! We made ours out of 5 – 18” pieces of 4x4, and 2 sheets of plywood (cut to however big you’d like your tree stand to be). We just drilled 4 of the pieces to the corners, and one in the middle for support. See horrible diagram below:

Christmas Tree Stand Layout

trick of the trade #27:

clever way to water your Christmas tree


Use a piece of PVC pipe to place where the water should go, then use a pitcher to lead the water down the pipe. No more getting down on all fours to shimmy underneath the tree. And having to either use a tiny little cup of water, or awkwardly trying to tip a pitcher underneath all those branches! Seriously, waay easier. And my son loves watching below to see when it’s full of water and tell me when to stop. So…what are you waiting for? Go find an old piece of PVC in your garage and make something a bit easier in your life during this crazy holiday season! =)


  1. Wow! Thanks for the tips, those are seriously awesome, especially the watering the tree trick. Your tree looks fabulous and those ornaments are THE BEST way to celebrate this holiday in my opinion!


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