Sunday, February 6, 2011

Harold and the Purple Crayon

My son LOVES books! So, I tend to have a weakness when it comes to adding to our book collection. I recently gave in and joined the Borders Rewards Plus program, which gives you an additional 10% on each purchase, on top of their already fantastic coupons, and you get free shipping for a year. It was only $20, and you get a coupon book immediately that includes a $10 coupon, a free coffee beverage, and more!

With that said, I bought a few new books – one of them was a Richard Scarry, which are always a hit, another was Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson: 50th Anniversary Edition. If you haven’t read the Harold books before, they’re basically about a cute little boy who creates his own adventures using his big purple crayon. He then interacts with what he has drawn. After reading them for a few days, Cooper and I headed out to our driveway to “reenact” a few of the scenes. Cooper had a blast! Here’s what we came up with (all the scenes happened to be from “Harold’s Fairy Tale”):

Scene #1:


 Scene #2:

IMG_4000 IMG_3951

Cooper even got so into it that he continued to “climb” the stairs, in various ways:IMG_3953


Scene: #3



 Scene: #4

 IMG_4002  IMG_3958

And, I’ll look forward to pulling out other ideas from this book as Cooper gets older. Having him come up with his own “Purple Crayon” Adventure. There are lots of lesson plans associated with this book, and while I don’t plan on home schooling, there’s nothing that says we can’t have fun with our books, AND learn, right? ;)

And while we were out having fun, some neighbor friends came over and we “sailed” a ship in the gutter. I know, sounds gross. But they had been playing with water, so it was clean, hose water. How adorable is Cooper and daddy?IMG_3965

Lame-o mommy alert saying up ahead…

I just want to nibble on those bare piggies! ;) IMG_3974IMG_3976Anyhow…life lesson? Get out and start enjoying the nice weather! (If you live on the west coast that is…sorry to all others).  It will be worth it, even though you sometimes feel like your dragging your sorry butt out there (oh yeah, have I mentioned I’m pregnant and due in one month? hehe) Happy Sunny Days!!


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