Tuesday, February 22, 2011

“Big Brother” Basket

Trick of the Trade #9: 
How to attempt to prepare for the arrival of a sibling
With baby #2 due in two weeks…I’ve been contemplating ways to make the transition for my son, 27 months old, as smooth as possible. We’ve been talking about the arrival of baby Allie and about how she will be living with us, he sees her room and where she will sleep, we’ve discussed how she will ride next to him in the car, and we’ve talked about ways he can help to be a big brother – such as, helping get things for mommy, getting toys for baby sister, etc.
Of course the big concern is that he will feel left out and taken over by this new little life. So, I put together a little “Big Brother Basket” with toys for him when he starts feeling this way, because let’s face it…regardless of how prepared child #1 is, they are going to feel let down at some point in the transition!
Here’s what I have been collecting over the course of the last 3-4 months:
Gift #1: The Complete Adventures of Curious George with Audio CD’s
038255This is the gift that baby Allie will be “giving” Cooper upon arrival to the hospital. I figured he’d enjoy listening to them in the car on the way home with grandparents. It will give him something to look forward to. Also, we took him to build-a-bear (well, our local Hobby Town’s version of it) to have him make a bear for Allie. So he’ll be bringing her a gift to the hospital as well, and I’ve been telling him that Allie will have a gift for him as well. So he’s anticipating that, what fun! Here’s the bear he made for her, along with his wrapped gift.IMG_4090  Oh, and two more fun little tidbits! We purchased a recordable device to put in the bear that when pressed, you hear Cooper saying, “I love you, Allie!” Precious…truly precious! Also, I bought Big Brother, Little Sister shirts that I patterned the gift tags off of, see?IMG_4084 IMG_4087 Not sure how the photo ops will work out with these, but…I’ll let you know! =)
Gift #2: Hi Ho Cherry-OIMG_4057
Cooper is beginning to enjoy games, and I thought maybe this could be something I could do while nursing? MAYBE? Worth a shot!
Gift #3: Pirate Tub ToyIMG_4080IMG_4081
If there’s melt down come a bath time…maybe this will help calm the storm!
Gift #4: Dr. Seuss Lacing Card Kit
Gift #5: Magnetic Fishing Game
Gift #6: Handy Manny Play Phone
Gift #-7: Farm Animals with Sound! IMG_4053 I put them all in a basket and I know from previous experience, he’ll let them sit until I give him the go ahead to pick one out. So, here they are waiting for the fun to begin!IMG_4093 IMG_4094 IMG_4096The last piece of fantastic advice I received this morning in hopes to prep my son as best I can was to begin explaining to him when he needs my help using the phrase, “Mommy’s hands are busy.” At first, I thought…well, I do explain that I’m busy and he USUALLY waits pretty well, BUT…the explanation of why this is so helpful is the emphasis is put on “mommy’s hands”. Translation – blame is not put on baby sister!!  When I do explain, I explain exactly what it is I am doing…and it will most likely involve baby sister nearly all the time now. I can see the bitterness building up already. So, if I say, “Mommy’s hands are busy”, perhaps the bitterness won’t be harbored toward Allie. =) Hey, any and all advice is worth hearing!! I’ll let you know how it goes…hopefully soon!

UPDATE on "Mommy's hands are busy"...yeah, backfired. Maybe it's just my manipulative quick-witted son, but he began using the phrase, "Mom, I can't, my hands are busy" whenever I'd ask him to do something. Good thought though! hehe

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  1. Love it...wish I would have had you around when I little brother Dylan came:)


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