Sunday, March 31, 2013

Simple Things Sunday No.9

our risen savior
Happy Easter!
We really, truly celebrated Easter all week long, in spite of both kiddos being sick! We delivered eggs to a neighbor’s house (see post here), we colored Easter eggs, and we made Resurrection Rolls! I’m hoping to do a more in depth post on that later (yes, I know, post-Easter, but you can pin it for next year! Winking smile).
But I wanted to share this adorable little tool pictured above to help share the Easter story with your littles. It’s from Oriental Trading and it’s called “He Lives!” Easter Figures. Here’s the link (although I’m sure it’ll lapse at some point). The set is only $7, and hearing my sweet little Allie asking for Jesus over and over was worth FAR MORE than the measly $7 (plus it was actually free since my mom bought it for us! Win – win – win!). AND…I’m wondering if it’ll go on sale after Easter, you can buy it and put it away for next year!
Anyhow, this week I’m celebrating the fact that
both of my kiddos are desiring
a relationship with God!
I know this for a variety of reasons, but below are a few specifics.
#1. We are working on memorizing a verse each week, and Cooper is not only excited about it, but seems to have an amazing understanding of the verses, as in, “You clearly have the Holy Spirit residing in you, ‘cuz there’s no way a 4 year old should know that!” type explanation. Winking smile
#2. My daughter has asked to pray, on a NUMBER of occasions! Once was on a particularly challenging day for me on the way to pick up brother from preschool. And you know what? It helped me calm down and have a better day. Way to go God for speaking to me through your little servants.
#3. Both my kiddos enjoy reading the Bible. And while I know they enjoy reading PLENTY of other books, there’s just something about the word of God that’s captivating. At least for those who have God’s help in understanding it. And I hope and pray that my children do…and continue to as well!
So pretty much my goal in life is accomplished, right? Ha! Winking smile Well, for now…but those of us who are blessed with a relationship with God can probably all agree that it takes not only a lifelong commitment, but also a day-to-day, minute by minute intentional effort. And it’s my joy to begin instilling that in my children’s hearts now!
I’ll leave you with 2 more pictures pertaining to the celebration of our risen Savior and my children’s excitement regarding Christ. The first is of my children looking into the empty “tomb” after making our Resurrection Rolls. The pure joy and excitement melts my heart.
The second one is of Allie playing with Mary (from the Easter figures set) and Venom. Clearly Mary is trying to talk some sense into Venom. Winking smile
Allie, Mary, and Spiderman
Happy Easter! I pray this holiday does not pass without the true meaning touching your hearts.
Becky Nicholas

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