Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trick of the Trade Tuesday–“Delivering” Laundry


If you have young kids like I do, you probably find yourself folding laundry while the kids are asleep. Then, I end up with a stack of folded laundry on my coffee table, or my bed, or my washer, wherever I happen to have been folding for that day. Then, inevitably, my kids came dashing out of their rooms when nap time has finished, only to knock over my nicely folded stack of laundry.


So, what I most often do is “deliver” their laundry just outside their bedroom doors, stacked in piles of where they need to go in their rooms. That way, when they come dashing out, I dash right in and quickly put them away where they belong. For some reason, the laundry isn’t so tempting when it’s up against the wall on the floor. Hope you enjoyed today’s little tip! Happy Home Making. =)


See my little helper? Ready to go put brother’s socks away! =)

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  1. Hey Becky!
    This is a great suggestion, but I found Troy was always trying to find the pile of clothes because they smelled so good just so he could roll in them and squish them with hugs. Cute, but not nice for a mom who has one hand that doesn't function properly and struggles folding to begin with. I learned that Troy was a heavy napper, so I would take his clothes right into his bedroom and fold them in there on the floor and quietly put them away. As he grew, starting at almost three, I began including him in the laundry duties. I washed his clothes separately and because they were (and still are) so small and don't wrinkle easily, I learned just to leave the clothes in the dryer until he was awake so he could help me. He's now five and he enjoys the responsibilty and sense of accomplishment. Thanks for sharing!


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