Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Faves - Papa Murphy's & Space Unicorn

I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but it’s worth mentioning again. My first favorite for today is…
papa murphy’s pizza
It’s so much cheaper than any other QUALITY delivery place, and so fresh! And here’s a few helpful hints when enjoying Papa Murphy’s.
#1. They take expired coupons! Did you know this?!
I can’t vouch for every location, but ours does. They’ve never batted an eyelash. So, whenever I get them in the mail, I just stuff them in my wallet for my next trip. The best bang for your buck coupon is the family size for the price of a medium.
#2. For a crispier crust, remove the paper tray after 10 minutes.
I’m pretty sure it says this right on their baking instructions, but in case you breezed over that helpful hint, try it! I only leave it in for about 2-3 minutes longer, but that 2-3 minutes does make the crust crispier. I love it!
#3. Gourmet Vegetarian!!!
If you haven’t tried this kind yet, do yourself a favor and try it! It’s my favorite right now. We get half pepperoni (partially for the kids, and partially for us, it is spicy, so be warned!) and half gourmet vegetarian. Yum!! 
My second favorite is…
space unicorn
This is a throw back to my love of jr. highers and their glorious randomness!!! If you have yet to view this addictive hilarious happiness, please click the picture above to take you to the YouTube link. But be warned, you will have the song stuck in your head for a minimum of 10 minutes!!! But, you can’t help but smile and/or giggle when you hear it or sing it. I love it, my kids love it, and my husband loves it, though he’s too manly to admit it. =)
Enjoy, it’s the perfect send off to your weekend!

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