Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday–Gumball Necklaces!

Gumball Necklace Tutorial w Words

I’ve mentioned that I coordinate a local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group, and I can’t believe I haven’t shared more of our crafts with you! So…allow me to give a tutorial on our most recent craft, gumball necklaces!


  • 8 gumballs (follow this link for the best bulk price I found)
  • 1 yard or more of matching ribbon (ours was ~1/2” wide, do longer than 1 yard if you want your necklace length longer)
  • 1/2 yard of 1” matching ribbon (for the bow – we got our ribbon from Michael’s)
  • Metal skewer (follow this link for the skewers we used, or if you just need some amazingly cheap skewers that are good quality!)
  • Tape
  • Toothpick


1. Use a metal skewer to pierce the dubble bubble logo side of the gumball. Hold the top of the gumball steady as you guide the skewer carefully.


2. Flip the gumball over and pierce another hole directly opposite to the first hole. If you try to poke a hole straight through both sides at once, the gumball will crack. Poke holes in all 8 gumballs.



3. Tape a toothpick TIGHTLY to the ribbon.


4. Then use the toothpick to thread the ribbon through the gumballs. Tie a know between each gumball as you string it.IMG_6947IMG_6949





5. Once you’ve finished stringing all gumballs and tying knots, remove the toothpick from the ribbon and tie a small knot with the ends of the ribbon. Then, use the thicker ribbon to tie a bow over that knot.




AND…the thoughtful part…we encouraged our girls that if these necklaces weren’t there thing (how could they NOT be, right? Winking smile), to give them to a girlfriend as an early Valentine’s gift thanking them for their friendship. So…my parting thought for all you blog readers out there, don’t let Valentine’s Day pass without telling a good friend how much you appreciate them.

Tata for now!

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