Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Faves - Target Debit Card

target debit card
I have my sister-in-law to thank for this helpful tidbit! And I’m kicking myself that it’s taken me this long to follow through with it!
My husband and I have been working super hard to create, AND stick to a budget. We’re getting more and more successful each month, and it is so encouraging to meet our financial goals. We pretty much only use ONE credit card, and pay off each individual purchase we make. So I don’t want any other credit cards that could muck up our plan.
BUT…with this Target DEBIT CARD…my Target purchases come right out of my checking account! That means no forgotten payments ending in late fees. And here’s the perk ladies…
the perks
You get 5% off EVERY TARGET PUCRHASE (INCLUDING STARBUCKS PEOPLE!!) AND…you get free shipping online (could be dangerous? I’ll let you know).
Why oh why have I waited so long? The $ I could have been saving! So, I finally took the time last night (probably because I was at Target without children, how often does that happen) to obtain said debit card. All you have to do is bring a blank check with you so they can link it to your checking account. Done! Easy peasy.
the deals
Orange Coat
I mentioned I was at Target without kids (also sometimes dangerous) and found some awesome deals! The orange coat above? $14 after the 5% discount, AWESOME!IMG_7008




As if you needed an extra push to tell you that Target was awesome. But…go get yourself a 5% debit card, seriously!
*Disclaimer – I am in no way receiving any kickbacks from Target for posting this blog. Just an FYI

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