Monday, February 4, 2013

Menu Plannin’ Monday

Last week:

Monday: Chicken with Orzo

I was out of spinach (we ate it all up too quickly! yay!), so I substituted edamame, delicious! Instead of purchasing a roasted chicken, I just cooked chicken in the crockpot so it shredded!


Tuesday: Spanish Style Stuffed Peppers

So easy and fast! I add chicken (‘cuz my husband prefers protein with EVERY meal).


Wednesday: Autumn Chopped Salad

This, too, came together rather quickly and was tasty!IMG_6699

Thursday: Chicken & Roasted Fennel and Carrots

Surprisingly delicious! A friend recommended this recipe, and she added the Trader Joe’s mixed grains (in the frozen section, heats up in 3 minutes). And again, we added chicken. The orange is definitely what makes this dish!


Friday: Pasta Fagioli

This was just okay. Tasty, but nothing spectacular. It was a bit bland. And we had A TON of leftovers!!


Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Slow Cooker Hawaiian Meatballs

Didn’t get a picture of these, but they turned out great! And the leftovers made a great lunch the following day.

BONUS: Blue Sunset Smoothie

Usually I try to sneak in greens when we have smoothies, but we’ve been burning through our greens, which is great! I used regular milk for ours (the recipe calls for brazil nut), and I used frozen blueberries. It was tasty!


Plans for the week ahead:

Monday: Lemon Chicken & Salad

Tuesday: Cheesy Chicken & Wild Rice Casserole

Wednesday: Tortellini & Salad

Thursday: Feta Turkey Burgers

Friday: Chicken Caesar Salad

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Oven BBQ Chicken, Biscuits & Salad


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  1. I have to send you a different Pasta e fagioli recipe...mine is TOTALLY not bland...extremely yummy, in fact. Sheryl B


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