Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday–Not Too Shabby



I think I’ve not been posting any OOTD (outfit of the day for any newbs) pics lately partially because I’ve not been trying my best to look nice.

It’s hot. I’m tired. I’m trying to stay fit (i.e. sometimes I haven’t showered and am in gym clothes). And I’m chasing my kids at parks.

ALL THAT SAID, I’m glad I took this pic. I don’t look too bad. Winking smile 

Shirt & Flip Flops: Old Navy

Shorts: Loft

Earrings: Gift from when I was a teacher

Sunglasses: Target

And one I took awhile back but never posted, just for fun…


Shirt & Flip Flops: Old Navy (I’ve since graduated to what I call “adult” sandals, but wasn’t there yet for this pic. Hopefully I’ll post a picture of those cute shoes soon)

Necklace: Charming Charlie’s

Shorts: Banana Republic

Bracelets: H&M


  1. Yeah, sometimes summer itself doesn't lend itself to the fanciest outfits--they're just too HOT!

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