Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother’s Day Tin Cans


Happy mother’s day!

I’ll give a brief “tutorial”, if you will, for the tin cans. I used them as a gift for Mother’s Day, but you could use them for ANYTHING! The options are nearly limitless. Such a fun idea! Feel free to comment with ideas on how you would use it! I’d love to hear.

The talented gals over at Our Best Bites posted this idea originally for Teacher Appreciation. Feel free to check out all their pictures and instructions. Any other details I found to be helpful will be written in pink. But they are pretty thorough. Here’s what I came up with:

Supplies Needed:
canned fruit with tab tops, suggested size 7-8oz
candies for filling
tissue paper
hot glue gun
decorative paper
side can opener or safety can opener (optional)

Basic Instructions:

1. Remove labels, use a can opener to open the BOTTOM of the can, leaving a tiny bit attached. Rinse out and dry completely.

2. Fill can with desired goody of choice. I used Almond Rocha for my mom (6 fit in the cans) and Lindor truffles for my mother-in-law (I think 5-6 fit in and there MAY have been some leftovers for myself, of both kinds!)



3. Add a small wad of tissue paper on top of the candies (to catch the hot glue).

4. Squiggle a line of glue on top of the tissue paper, close the lid, then squeeze a layer of hot glue around the rim of the can to glue it closed. It won’t be pretty, but it will stay closed. IMG_4649 5. Cut a piece of decorative paper (for the fruit cans, I think they’re 7.5 oz.) 2 7/8” x 9 3/4”. Tape or glue around the can.

6. Tie a few matching ribbons on the tab (Believe it or not, I cut the ribbon to almost 7”. You may have to trim, but that makes it easy to tie on).

7. Add on the cute, ready to print labels provided by Our Best Bites. I printed mine on full sheet labels so I could just peel and stick instead of having to glue it on. Either way would work fine.

Here’s another, less cute picture of the finished product on our table:IMG_4689 I’ll soon be adding a blog post about our table decorations. Boy howdy did my mom and I have fun! Yeah, yeah….we decorated our own table for Mother’s Day. But, it was also in celebration of having my daughter dedicated in church. Plus, we just love doing it! =)


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