Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pickle Jar Cuteness

IMG_4700 I found this adorable project over at eighteen25. Feel free to check out her tutorial as well. Her pictures are much more fun to look at for sure! But, as I always say, I wanna try out the projects before I share them with you. So, here’s how it went down in the Nicholas household. =)


  • Old glass jars (I used a jelly jar, an olive jar, and a red pepper jar)
  • Candlestick holders
  • White spray paint (and probably a primer as well)
  • Gorilla glue (or E6000)


1. Remove labels from glass jars (I just soaked them, you can also use rubbing alcohol for those stubborn stick-ons).

2. Spray paint candlestick holders and lids.

Look at how ugly they were to begin with! IMG_4597 By the way, I purchased the two glass ones at the Dollar Tree and the brass one at Good Will. If you ever need some, visit the Good Will! Man did they have a TON to choose from!

**Note to self, when primer is recommended, you really should not skip this step. I did spray paint the lids gray first, then white. But the stamped date on one of the lids still totally shows through! But, they’re so cute I don’t think anyone will notice. If it really bugs me, I’ll just mod-podge some cute craft paper on the top.

***Second note to self, talk to my friend who spray paints on a regular basis and obtain some tips. (although I think it’s simply due to my lack of patience). After my first two coats, I had bubbles, exhibit A:IMG_4599 But, I did another coat or two, and they disappeared. But, either way, I need to fine tune my spray painting techniques. IMG_4598 3. Affix the jars on using gorilla glue.

It may seem a bit sketchy at first, depending on your jars. Mine did not have a flat bottom, so they felt unsteady. What I did was turned the jars upside down and let the glue dry with the candlestick holders sitting on top of the bottom of the jar, if that makes sense. It dried perfectly, despite the uneven surface! Sorry I didn’t take a pic.

4. Fill the jars with something cute, according to the nearest holiday, and put on display for all to ooh and ahh over! =) I’d love to hear your suggestions for what to put in them. Here are some of my thoughts, please share yours!

** valentine’s day**

conversation hearts

hershey kisses

** st. patty’s day**

split green peas

** memorial day**

red, white and blue jelly bellies

small wooden stars

rolled up flags

foil patriotic garland

** summer**

shells and sand

blue glass pebbles

** fall**

autumn leaves

fresh cranberries


pencils (good ol’ You’ve got mail)

candy corn

** general**

coffee beans




variety of silverware?

cinnamon sticks

wine corks



  1. so cute, I saw this too and plan to make them soon...
    some ideas I had;
    rocks for summer, my kids collect them
    small balls of yarn in the color of the season
    game pieces (scrabble, dominoes, etc)
    small fake bird eggs & twigs for spring
    old fashion rulers and rubber band balls for the back to school
    the ideas can just go on and on

  2. they turned out great becky!! and i love all your ideas of what to put in them!! thanks so much for sharing with us!
    jen :)


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