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Happy Mother’s Day - 2011

Family - Cooper laughing

I finally got my first family photo since Allie’s arrived that’s actually pretty decent! Happy Mother’s Day to me! =) As I mentioned in the tin can tutorial, my mom and I love hosting and decorating. Mother’s Day may be an excuse, but I also dedicated my daughter, Allison, in church this year on Mother’s Day. A second excuse to have a gorgeous lunch that day!

Here’s a picture of the table, decorated for the occasion:IMG_4686 IMG_4685  Let me break down all the cute decorations we had fun concocting!

I started with the table cloth, purchased from Target. Only $10, and I’ll get so much use out of it! I wanted to set up the table on the back porch, but weather was stinky! =( Then, I bought the red placemats from Bed Bath and Beyond. Of course I used my coupon! The white napkins were from Cost Plus (one of the cheapest places I have found them. Who would think napkins could be so expensive?). Now, we get crafty…

Napkin rings

IMG_4702 I bought two bunches of flowers at Michaels, one orange and one green (on sale with coupons, yay!) and used wire cutters to cut the flower off the stem, leaving just enough to wrap around the twig-like napkin rings I already had laying around the house. I didn’t have enough napkin rings, so I used ribbon for the others and simply tied the ribbon around the napkin, and looped the wire flower around the ribbon, wallah! Custom napkin rings!

Chair coversIMG_4691


I’m so glad I finally broke down and figured these out! I do love my black dining chairs, however, when I want to do a light colored theme, I find myself not liking them. The solution? Chair covers! I found pillow protectors at Target for around $1 a piece. C’mon, I couldn’t have even bought the fabric for that cheap almost! They’re zippered, so I simply unzipped and slipped it over the chair!

Then, I tied the ribbon around each chair (again, thank you 40% Michael’s coupon…which by the way, you can find one almost anytime if you simply do a search online) and added a flower in the middle. So elegant for so cheap!

mother’s day banner 


My mom doctored up this beauty of a banner in Microsoft Publisher. It’s hard to tell from this picture, but basically she used the circle shape, filled in with one color, separate colored border. Then found a flower image online, and used Word Art to add the letter. Cut out the circles after you print them and string them onto the ribbon (start with the last letter of the word, that’s much easier). I also finally broke down and bought the double ribbon punch so I didn’t have to cut the two slits to slide the ribbon through. Such a time saver!

cupcake toppers

IMG_4693Pretty much shrunk down the banner image and changed the words for these darling cupcake toppers. We cut 6” lollipop sticks in half and used packing tape to affix each topper to the stick behind. You can double side them which is cute, but we didn’t have the time.

tissue paper

pom poms


My best friend, Kelly Jolly, is a whiz at these cuties! She finally gave me the confidence to give them a try. I love hanging cute items in this dead space between my kitchen area and living room. Again, just cute eye candy that tied in with the color theme.

Martha Stewart provides the how-to better than I ever could here. I have two helpful hints while making these. One, you can use anything to tie in the center, it does not have to be floral wire. And two, when you separate the sheets, really separate them to create fullness. Don’t be shy, just don’t pull too hard or you’ll rip the tissue paper. 

front door wreath

IMG_4695 I used a grapevine wreath, wrapped around some cute ribbon, then added some leftover flowers from the napkin rings and chair backs with the cupcake toppers stuck on to the centers. I can remove the Mother’s Day phrases after and simply have a cute spring wreath afterward. IMG_4696

 pickle jar cuteness

IMG_4700I had been meaning to finish this adorable project for quite some time. I’ll post another blog with a DIY tutorial, but loved how the candy and white tied in the color them of the table! I put them on a shelf behind the table.

chicken croissants


How beautiful are these tasty little treats? Pillsbury croissants filled with a delicious chicken mixture! Find the recipe here.

family fun…

As if you need more pictures, but I can’t resist leaving you with a few very special photos taken on this momentous day. =) Hope you had a fantastic Mother’s Day!Cooper Welcome Mat A cute doormat ALWAYS brings a smile…who knew it would to my toddler, though? ;)Dedication PrayerOn stage during the prayer for our child dedication at church. Both kids behaved, phew!IMG_4705  The 3 moms being celebrated, myself, my mom seated beside me, and my mother-in-law behind. I’m so blessed by my family!IMG_4709 Cooper, enjoying the cupcakes!IMG_4706 IMG_4725

Trying to get pictures with each of my kids on each Mother’s Day. Can’t be happier than how these two turned out. Yay!

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  1. love the idea of getting a picture of you with each of your kids on mothers day...need to remember to do that next year!
    ...oh, and all the decorations are A.MAZ.ING!


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