Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Decorations

IMG_4603 I didn’t get as many pictures as I’d have liked, but I’ll still share a few ideas. (Maybe I’ll have more next year when I am not trying to stay afloat after delivering a baby ;) I don’t know about you, but the more ideas I come across, the easier ideas flow. So, here are a few things I did in my home. IMG_4607 ** Hung plastic eggs from the ceiling. I found these last year at Big Lots. They were about $4 a piece and I hesitated buying them, but my son’s face when he walked out and saw them was worth every penny! He was so excited! I just use a tiny push pin and it holds.IMG_4604 **Use books to decorate! This is one of my son’s Easter books, and his newborn picture book. The colors matched well. The bunny statue my mom bought on a mega sale for me. I put two little plastic eggs in the pack on his back.IMG_4605 **This normally holds decorative, tiled balls. I filled it with Easter grass and plopped some pretty iridescent eggs on top. Ta-dah! Instant Easter!IMG_4558 **The table for Easter morning. I’m still figuring out Easter traditions. For me, it’s tricky to celebrate AND still make it out the door in time for church. Hmm…perhaps celebrate Saturday morning? The traditionalist in me doesn’t like that because Christ rose 3 days later! We’ll have to see.

It was a fun Easter, but I made a note to fill each egg with only ONE jelly bean. Holy cow did we have sugar overload in our house! Here’s my son enjoying one of MANY jelly beans! When does the drooling stage end?!IMG_4581 And here’s our attempt at a family photo. Why must it always be so much drama? ;)IMG_4593 Happy Easter!

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  1. the way we have dealt with the Easter morning traditions and church going...a must when your husband's a pastor...
    the Easter Bunny (yep we believe!) leaves the basket full of stuff for the kids and new shoes that match their Easter outfit, but the kids always leave a note the night before asking if he can wait and hide the eggs while we're at church....and then the Easter Bunny (aka: Grandparents) come and hide the eggs right before we get home from we pull into the driveway and the Bunny has left the baskets right by the gate and all the eggs have been hidden outside waiting for the kids...and grandma and grandpa are waiting in their car because 'they didn't have a key to get in the house'...
    so far we have always had a "bunny" visiting us at Easter!


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