Monday, August 23, 2010

Sand, Sun and Fun!

Day #2 in LA – The Beach!

We started at the Sugar Shack in Huntington Beach. Yes, our family is stuck on some silly traditions. We go nearly every time I’m down in LA. Here we are on the Main Street:Sugar Shack - Aug. 10 We walked up and down the pier where Cooper enjoyed gawking at surfers, ducks, and bird poop! We also took our picture by the HB bench. Daddy got in on the pic this time!HB Pier - Bench Fam Pic HB Pier - Aug. 10 Here’s where we got major spoiled. We drove down to Newport Beach where our friend, Barbara DeLaPena has a beach house she lives in for the summer. Can I just tell you that this lady knows how to set up the beach for a toddler? She had multiple umbrellas set up for shade, a kiddie pool full of water, and sand toys to your heart’s content. Now, one might think, “Why on earth would I need a kiddie pool full of water when I have the whole ocean right in front of me?” Please, allow me to explain.

Reason #1: Waves.

Reason #2: Comfy chairs in the shade where I can watch my son play safely.Newport Beach - volleyball

Newport Beach - chillin







Barbara also had frozen grapes…Newport Beach - grapes with dad AND….a water heater box that Cooper had a blast crawling in and out of…Newport Beach - box Newport Beach - box2 Newport Beach - box3 We did make it down to the waves.

Life Lesson: I’ll insert a “Rookie to Rock Star” word of advice here that thankfully my mom engrained in me even before my son was born. (Thanks, mom! Love you with all my heart) YOUR attitude as a mom STRONGLY influences how your child will react to the situation. If you run after the waves having an absolute blast, your child is FAR more likely to do the same. Not guaranteed of course, but at least a higher chance. So, don’t know that it had anything to do with that this time around, but Cooper fell in love with the beach. Look at the pure glee on his face.Newport Beach - waves 3 Newport Beach - waves 9

Newport Beach - waves

Newport Beach - waves 2Final note and “Rookie to Rock Star” moment for me on this day…be flexible! I know I’ve said it a bunch of times, and I will continue to say so. I wasn’t sure how nap was gonna work out this day, look how it did, for a glorious hour and a half. Cooper was a trooper and the day was sheer joy! Thank you Barbara.    Newport Beach - nap

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