Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue…

Today was the anniversary of when Christopher Columbus set sail on his first voyage in 1492. I didn’t get all educational with this one…I made a huge leap in our “activity” for today, but, I still thought it was plenty fun. We met some friends at the Aquatic Center here in Folsom (you know, the ocean blue part? water? hehe). Cooper had more fun than I would’ve guessed! IMG_2425 Check out all the crazy water features in the background! I couldn’t get any cute pictures of him playing in the water features because A: I didn’t dare bring my camera near them, and B: I didn’t dare let my toddler venture out there by his lonesome. It took him 10-15 minutes to acclimate, but he eventually stopped flinching EVERY time water hit him in the face and was even so brave as to go down a water slide all by himself (pictured below)!IMG_2428 We will definitely have to re-visit the aquatic center! I will be sure we allow plenty of time, however, as it costs $6/adult and $4/child. Thankfully Cooper was still free because he’s under 2, yay! It’s not terrible, but not super cheap, either. Here’s one final picture of Cooper with friend Faith. SO cute!IMG_2422Columbus? We’ll have to re-visit you next summer! ;) 

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  1. do they have a cheaper "night swim"? our Aquatic center is only $2.50 for adults at night and $2 for the kiddos, and FREE for those under 3...so our family can go for $9...it's open from 7-8:30 pm...less people but more parents (since it's more of a family time)...and my favorite...no need for sunscreen!


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