Sunday, August 8, 2010



No special holiday to “celebrate” the invention of the hammock, but is a holiday really necessary? After church, we grabbed some lunch out on the patio at Rubio’s where the weather was absolutely to die for! Warm, with a lovely cool breeze. I said to Ryan, “This is the PERFECT weather for reading in a hammock!” to which his response was, “Well, let’s go get one!”

Off to Sports Authority we went where they had the ridiculously priced hammocks with the full stands (which we really won’t want when we eventually have to move again), so our next stop was REI where we found the following:IMG_2467 ENO ProNest Hammock for 2

It hangs from carabiners and heavy duty rope from our porch awning in the backyard. AND…see the little 4” square pouch hanging from the outside? Yeah, that’s where the hammock is stored, tucks away in there within about 30 seconds (NOT like trying to stuff a crazy sleeping bag, trust me!)IMG_2472Daddy and Cooper had lots of fun playing in the new hammock after which Mommy enjoyed some reading/napping time in the hammock. =) we will definitely get some good and fun use out of our new hammock!

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